WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU                              602-692-7704
Arizona Freeway Service. Com provides basic road services to the
public and commercial transportation companies who need
unscheduled repairs on the side of the road or freeway which they
operate on. Spare tires can be dismounted and mounted on the vehicle
and the bad tire and wheel placed back in vehicle for later repair by the
customer, or Arizona Freeway Service. Com can attempt to do a final
repair with a new or possibly used tire if one can be found.
Battery jumps and Fuel Delivery can also be provided to you the broken
down driver, In some cases we can remove lug nuts that you are not
able to remove on site. if not we will tow to our location to remove lug
nuts and wheel.   
Contact Arizona Freeway Service. Com
Contact Arizona Freeway Service. Com via your Cell Phone by
602-692-7704. If you are in a area where voice
service on your cell phone is not working the best you can try
sending a text message which in some instances will work.
Arizona Freeway Service. Com will text you back a confirmation
of contact.
You need to know your location such as a intersection of two
streets or highways or a mile marker which on interstate
freeways is a green upright sign on a post to the right side of the
Freeway and are located every mile. These signs are white in
color on secondary state highways. Odd numbered highways
travel north and south, even numbered highways travel east and
west, In most cases the highway may be traveling in a direction
which goes against this theory but the number will always be the
deciding factor as to which direction Arizona Freeway Service.
Com will approach your vehicle from. If you have reflective
triangles which come in sets of three, put them out behind your
vehicle approximately fifty feet (50') from each other at a angle
with the first one closest to the main traffic lane behind your
vehicle and then place the next one closer to the edge of the
road way ( 50' ) further back and the final one another ( 50' ) feet
next to the edge of the pavement and the dirt. Activate your four
way flashers. Remember that long term use of the flashers will
cause your battery to lose charge and you will have no battery
left, In this case you can not charge your cell phone so monitor
the condition of the battery by restarting your engine and run it
for at least fifteen minutes each hour to keep charge up. If engine
will not start, activate your flashers only when another vehicle is
approaching and then turn them off. Remember your battery is
your what you use to reach Arizona Freeway Service. Com or
anyone else.

Use your brain and think about the situation your in and how to survive
until Arizona Freeway Service. Com arrives!! Arizona Freeway Service.
Com has water on board for you and your vehicle and food on request by
you. So remember this when contacting Arizona Freeway Service. Com
the first time!

Please think about what you need and how you are going to communicate
your problem before you call, this will help you conserve battery power
and get the information Arizona Freeway Service. Com needs to find and
help you ! Then relax and wait for help to arrive.
Do not leave your vehicle
if you are lost or unsure of your location as the vehicle is the first to be
found by searchers by aircraft or by ground
. GPS can help you to survive
so keep the battery charged or keep a spare battery for your phone
handy. Towing can be arranged if we are not able to repair your vehicle.

Call for help now!